Bergamo, June 24th/25th 2016


Bergamo, June 24th-25th 2016

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JUNE, 24th


(click on session to download a slide kit in zip format):

  • First Session
    (kit contains: Goldring, Bianchi – size: 17 Mbyte)
  • Second Session
    (kit contains: Bultink, Iems, Geusens – size: 9 Mbyte)


Introduction – Gerolamo Bianchi / Carlo Nicora

Mechanisms of bone remodelling – Steven Goldring

Optimization of biological drugs in the real clinical life – Gerolamo Bianchi

Scleroderma and osteoporosis – Irene Bultink

Cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis – Willem Iems

Calcium and vitamin D supplementation: state of the art – Piet Geusens

JUNE, 25th


(click on session to download a slide kit in zip format):

  • Third Session
    (kit contains: Favalli, Ingegnoli, Todoerti – size: 32 Mbyte)
  • Fourth Session
    (kit contains: Longhi, Buttgereit, Ferri – size: 12 Mbyte)
  • Fifth Session
    (kit contains: Epis, Pirola, Corradi – size: 5 Mbyte)
  • Sixth Session
    (kit contains: Rannou, Goldring, Herrero Beaumont – size: 11 Mbyte)
  • Seventh Session
    (kit contains: Senni, Puoti, Selmi – size: 13 Mbyte)


The impact of RF and ACPA on bone erosion in RA – Ennio Favalli

RA, pregnancy and antirheumatic drug exposure – Francesca Ingegnoli

Methotrexate in the real life: the MARI study – Monica Todoerti

Treatment of complex regional pain syndrome – Matteo Longhi

Targeting IL6 as a key molecule involved in the pathogenesis of inflammatory rheumatic diseases – Frank Buttgereit

Generic drugs: from bioequivalence to clinical equivalence – Nicola Ferri

L’importanza dell’aderenza – Oscar Massimiliano Epis

La valutazione delle dichiarazioni: come riconoscere la menzogna – Biagio Storniolo

Il rapporto medico-paziente – Roberto Gorla

I gruppi di ascolto per i Malati reumatici – Cristina Pirola

Alimentazione e Malattie Reumatiche – Ettore Corradi

Guidelines for the management of osteoarthritis – Francois Rannou

Mechanisms of cartilage damage – Mary Goldring

Early osteoarthritis – Gabriel Herrero Beaumont

Management of cardiovascular risk in RA – Michele Senni

Management of infections in RA – Massimo Puoti

New treatment targets for RA – Carlo Selmi